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The inaugural meeting of the Australian Stud Saddle Pony Society was held in Perth in the 1970's as a result of the success of a new Arabian/Pony cross establihed by Mr Charlie Readhead of Muchea. Such was the success and versatility of the ponies bred from Mr. Readheads's breeding programme, they became the basis of a new Australian Pony Breed, the Australian Saddle Pony. A mount suitable forboth children and adults with true pony characteristics and temperament with the added qualities of the Arabian.

The Society now has branches in WA and Victoria with sub branches in South Australia and several promotional groups inlcuding one in the Sydney/Canberra area. Such is the growing popularity of this breed, new groups are being established throughout New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania.



The ASSPS is first and foremost a saddle pony. A great deal of the Society's registered pony derive from Welsh and Australian Pony bloodlines, which are then crossed with Purebred Arabian or Arabian Derivative bloodlines using pre-determined percentages andan official breeding programme to create today what is known as "The Ultimate Sports Pony".

Ponies that are striking in appearance for the competitive show ring, yet are versatile enough and most importantly of all, confirmationally sound with good even temperaments to allow them to compete in various equestrian disciplines.  There are many Stud Saddle Ponies currently competing very successfully in the Open Show ring as well as in the Breed ring.

The Stud Saddle Pony is the ideal mount for smaller children to move onto for the increasingly popular Pony Dressage discipline. Because of their excellent temperament, trainability and bred in good paces, these ponies excel in dressage as well as in showjumping, eventing, endurance rides and pony club. They provide a safe, reliable, yet competitive mount for children and are also the mount of choice for many discerning adults.

 ASSPS Inc Championship & All Stars Show

The 2017 Show was unfortunately postponed due to severe weather warnings, and flash flooding predicted across Victoria.


A new date has been booked for the show and the committee looks forward to seeing all members there.
Programs and entry forms have been updated with the new dates.


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